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#4 RE: ASK questionAlpujarras_eu 2017-12-17 16:29
Quoting Robert:
Hoe ABOUT snowing in March or April. Route Granada to Cordoba and Merida.

Hi Robert, its really difficult to give you weather prediction for distant date. Check weather forecast closer to the date of your visit.
#3 RE: ASK questionAlpujarras_eu 2017-12-17 16:26
Quoting Isabelle:
Hi, we would like to hike from Valor to Laranjon in march or april. Is this hike recommended during these months?

Hi Isabelle, it depends on your condition, equipment and weather in particular time of your visit. Consult the weather forecast for the time of your trek.
#2 RE: ASK questionAlpujarras_eu 2017-12-17 16:22
Quoting Jez Cunningham:
I have read that it is "within the magnificent Alpujarras, that around St Valentines day becomes clothed in a sea of pale pink blossom as hundreds of thousands of almond trees burst into life with a truly memorable show that can be seen from many kilometres away." Where exactly would be a good place to see this from?

Hi Jez,
the best place to see splendid of almond trees in blossom is in area of Sierra de Contraviesa (villages Murtas, Torvizcon or Albondon)
#1 RE: ASK questionAlpujarras_eu 2017-12-17 16:18
Quoting Katrien De Smedt:
Hi, we would like to do the GR7 and arriving in Malaga. How do we reach Alpujara by bus? Which bus do we take exactly? I can not find the bus connection to Laroles or Lanjaron. Could you help? Thanks

Hi Kartien, to check bus connection to any particular village or buy tickets, visit the website of bus operator Alsa

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