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Conversos Sufis in Las Alpujarras

In Spain there are about 1,200 Naqshbandi Sufis, a spiritual branch of the Muslim religion. There is a group in the Alpujarra and another near Caceres.

Órgiva is the little Manhattan of Andalusia. Capital of the Alpujarra, retreat of the last Moorish king Boabdil, land of Moors and cradle of heterodoxes, continues in the multicultural splendor of the past, as this town of just 6,000 houses in their street 68 different nationalities.

Perhaps the best embodiment of this diversity is the Baraka coffee, run by Qasim, a Bilbao 41, Muslim convert. "In this place no one is denied entry" sums Qasim (Pedro Barrio before his conversion). It is not only Spanish converts who decided to embrace Islam, but delved into its spiritual and mystical branch, Sufism. A life of contemplation and peace.