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Ancient Mines of Sierra Lujar

Mines of Sierra de Lujar consist of 145 kilometers of galleries and around 50 tunnels, most attached to each other by galleries and wells. The main draws are the lead ore, silver and fluorite.

The Greeks were the first founders of various colonies with mining interest, among the principal, the Sierra de Lujar.

The Carthaginians exploited lead mines in the mountains of the Alpujarras.

The romanization brought the flourishing mining industry, introducing unique technologies of exploitation.

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The Germanic invasion from the north of the peninsula and the Berbers from the south slow down the development of mining in the area.

King Ferdinand VII annulled all mining privileges on nobles, knights and other distinctions. He executes a new mining legislation of a more liberal so Spain became the main European country producing raw materials.

In the mid-nineteenth century Belgian and German engineers appear an the Sierra de Lujar to reactivate its mining. Noteworthy is the high degree of perfection attained in the work of topography.

In 1842 already existed in Orgiva 59 lead mines and 5 copper mines in operation.

In 1860, the Sierra de Lujar held 9 smelting factories.

Here is currently the only active fluorite mine in Andalucia.

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