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Trevélez – the highest village in Spain

Origins and history of Trevélez

Trevelez Alpujarras

Trevélez, like many other villages preserves the appearance of their founders. The Arabs, although they were expelled by the Christians left their mark on this town, such as the distribution of its streets.

The Arabs called this place Trevelex, the origin of this name appears earlier and may be derived from the Latin word velex, that comes to mean valley, referring to the valley formed by the Rio Grande and Chico.

In times of Ferdinand and Isabella the Alpujarra was one of the last places where Arab were still living.

With the arrival of the Catholic Kings, and War of the Conquest of the Kingdom of Granada (1482 - 1492), the Christian armies penetrated into the Alpujarra and reached Trevélez.
In the eighteenth century appears a map of the Marqués de la Ensenada (1752), which reflected the three districts (represented by some houses with flat roofs), City Hall and the church of San Benito.

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Points of Interest in Trevélez

  • Parish Church of San Benito
  • Ermita de San Antonio
  • Molino Altero

Fiestas of Trevélez

  • Fiesta de San Antonio (Moros y Cristianos): 13th - 15th June
  • Romería de la Virgen de las Nieves: 5th August
  • Feria del ganado: 19th - 20th October

Location of Trevélez on the map