Hiking Route GR-7 Las Alpujarras part 1: Laroles - Válor

Mapa Ruta de senderismo GR-7 Alpujarras: Sendero Laroles - Válor
Mapa Ruta de senderismo GR-7 Alpujarras: Sendero Laroles - Válor

The Eastern Alpujarra

The first day of Hiking path GR-7 in the area of Las Alpujarras starts in small village of Laroles in 1,043 m. altitude. We can see the Iglesia del Rosario, known for its unique Moorish tower in the Alpujarra, recalling the landscapes of other times.

We leave the old road C-431 on the cross towards Laroles in direction Mairena, taking the road known as the Sierra or Molinos. We continue by track surrounded by almond trees and continue on the path that tends to the left, where we will pass a old mill, after which we come to a junction; we take the turning on the left that crosses the canal that fed the nine mills that were in the area.

When we approach a poplar grove, continue along the path to the left to cross the gorge and river with a small waterfall between two stones covered with ferns. Continuing to the right we find the ruins of a farmhouse, and above it, we will follow the trail to the left.

Now we can enjoy the lush vegetation and fruit trees (fig, cherry, almond, olive and walnut) accompanying us up the path to Júbar, a small town with only 60 neighbors. We can see the oldest church in all Alpujarra (XVI century) with its roof vane mixing Jewish and Muslim symbols.

Mapa Ruta de senderismo GR-7 Las Alpujarras: Sendero Laroles - Válor
Mapa Ruta de senderismo GR-7 Alpujarras: Sendero Laroles - Válor

The trail leaves Mairena near water spring which supplies the laundry room beneath it and where we can resupply with fresh nonchlorinated water . Soon we will pass around another source La Fuente del Barranco , after which we take the path on the left until you reach the road to Júbar. We continue the route in west direction by road and take a footpath on the right reaching the village of Mairena. We walk up to the square, passing church, and came to a balcony in 1,100 m. where we can enjoy a breathtaking view. Reaching the Era Baja, we will find the path that leads to Nechite.

We descend down to the river passing the remains of an old mill, and after a few olive trees take the right path crossing a irrigation ditch. After a steep part we find another path to the left by which we will come to a spectacular viewpoint over Nechite and Monte de San Juan. After crossing the river we reach the upper part of Nechite, where are two excelent water spprings "Fuente del Rojo" or "Fuente Martín". This town has the original structure that divides the town into three neighborhoods separated by beautiful orchards.

The route continues along a path that is accompanied by a acequia(irrigation canal) and in the shade of the chestnut trees until it reach Valor village, where we ended the first day of Route GR-7 Las Alpujarras. Here we can admire the ancient Ermita de la Virgen, the Puente de la Tableta(bridge) of the medieval period, the ruins of the Moorish fortress El Castillejo or the Iglesia de San José.

Technical Data

Itinerary of the route:
Laroles, Júbar, Mairena, Nechite, Valor.


Total distance: 13,02km.
Estimated Duration: 3h 43min.
Average speed: 3.5 km / h.
Start Elevation: 1,054 m.
Final Altitude: 929 m.

Maximum elevation: 1,264 m.
Minimum height: 929 m.
Rise Height: 929 m.

Urban road: 16%
Asphalt: 1%
Road: 28%
Trail: 55%