Hiking Route GR-7 Las Alpujarras part 3: Mecina Bombarón - Cádiar

 Mapa de senderismo Ruta GR-7 Alpujarras: Sendero Mecina Bombarón-Cádiar
Mapa Ruta de senderismo GR-7 Alpujarras: Sendero Mecina Bombarón-Cádiar

Moorish Las Alpujarras

The third section of the hiking path GR-7 in Las Alpujarras starts from village Mecina Bombarón, former homeland of Moorish king Aben Aboo here he suffered the final bloody days of the Moorish uprising defending a Muslim Alpujarras. We started the route on the chestnut decorated path leading uphill to the mountains, later we enter a small canyon full of vegetation, and we continue by path that goesalond the irrigation canal Balsa del Castillo. When coming out of a pine forest, we will see perhaps the highest vineyard in Europe at 1,500 m. altitude, and if weather conditions permit,  the Mediterranean Sea.

We leave the main path and take the turning on the left and continue until the spring of the river Guadalfeo, later ending at the Cortijo de Cortes, until recently Tai Chi Center. If we go a little uphill, there is a cave where they murdered Aben Aboo, but to continue on the path follow the descending path before reaching the Cortijo de Cortes. We will cross the river next to mill Molino de la Carihuela and reach the village of Bérchules. Here we can see the church Iglesia de San Juan Bautista, XVI to XVII century; and drink in any of its many fountains.

Mapa Ruta de sendrismo GR-7 Alpujarras: Sendero Mecina Bombarón-Cádiar
Mapa Ruta de senderismo GR-7 Alpujarras: Sendero Mecina Bombarón-Cádiar

When leaving the village we reach the junction of Cuatro Vientos, we continue toward Alcútar part of village Bérchules. We emphasize the church Iglesia de Santa María la Mayor, the seventeenth century. The route continues down the road until we cross the river, passing a small dam used to measure the flow of water.

At the entrance to Narila village there are the ruins of the house of Abén Humeya, and later, the olive tree under which was Don Fernando de Valor and Cordoba crowned as Abén Humeya, King of the Andalusians. When descending to the river we cross the irrigation ditch En Medio and close to the mill Acequia Real.

The route continues down towards the river, where we can look back to see Bérchules crowned by the peak Cerro del Gallo (2,913 m).

Following the path of the left, we come to a mill at the edge of town, and a water source between two large bananatrees . Cádiar is one of the most commercial towns in the area, and we can enjoy the tasted of almond curd, soplillos, cakes and other sweet by Moorish tradition.

Technical Data

Itinerary of the route:
Mecina bombarón, Cortijo Cortés, Bérchules Alcútar, Narila, Cádiar.


Total distance: 10,31km.
Estimated duration: 2h 56min.
Average speed: 3.5 km / h.
Start Elevation: 1,200 m.
Final Altitude: 913 m.

Maximum elevation: 1,466 m.
Minimum height: 913 m.
Rise Height: 376 m.

Urban road: 17%
Asphalt: 13%
Road: 28%
Trail: 42%