Hiking Route GR-7 Las Alpujarras part 5: Trevélez - Busquístar

Mapa Ruta de senderismo GR-7 Alpujarras: Sendero Trevélez - Busquístar
Mapa Ruta GR-7 senderismo Alpujarras: Trevélez - Busquístar

Close to the summits of Las Alpujarras

The fifth part of the hiking path GR-7 in the Alpujarra starts in village Trevélez, the town situated at the highest altitude of the peninsula. We will head up a steep slope through the streets, about 150 yards from the lower to the upper part; we will see a laundry, after which one of the paths that ascend to the peak of Mulhacen. We should use path leaving the street Charquillo and continue untill crossing the river Chico and continue to Laja Albar

Later the trail crosses a dirt track, and then a wider one, on that we shall continue to find a path on the left that leads to the Cortijo de la Loma. We continue down the hill reaching a pine grove where we cross a small stream, Navarro, and later we take the path on the left leading down to the Cortijo de los Corrales. This farmhouse is half demolished as a result of landslide, and GR-7 path crosses his era(rounded stony structure used for harvest).

Mapa Ruta de senderismo GR-7 Las Alpujarras: Sendero Trevélez - Busquístar
Mapa Ruta GR-7 Alpujarras: Trevélez - Busquístar

We will reach the beautiful valley Bina, full of oaks, pines, ferns, rascaviejas ... After crossing the river and climbing a steep slope three hundred vertical meters, we cross a valley before arriving at Cortijo del Viso, a nice viewpoint over the Trevélez valley.

Continuing our route we will cross several ravines, where we will enjoy its natural beauty, until reach the remains of the mines Minas de Maria Cristina, where we turn left to descend two hundred vertical meters in less than a kilometer. Last part will cross the two ravines, the hill Los Cotos, and the irrigation canal that supplies the village Busquístar, the final stop of the fifth section of the GR-7 walking path.

Technical Data

Itinerary of the route:
Trevélez, Minas de Maria. Cristina, Busquístar.

Total distance: 11,57km.
Estimated Duration: 3h 18min.
Average speed: 3.5 km / h.
Start Elevation: 1,454 m.
Final Altitude: 1,190 m.

Maximum elevation: 1,742 m.
Low elevation: 1,190 m.
Rise Height: 478 m.

Urban road: 11%
Asphalt: 1%
Road: 17%
Trail: 71%